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The Benefits of an Integrated Solution: ChartPerfect and PayJunction

The Benefits of an Integrated Solution: ChartPerfect and PayJunction
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ChartPerfect users benefit from a wide suite of helpful services. As a combined Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management System (PMS) and billing services provider, ChartPerfect helps medical practitioners streamline daily tasks such as ordering labs or diagnostics, documenting patient notes, sharing data with other providers, writing prescriptions and accessing patient histories.

Medical practitioners using ChartPerfect are already used to an elegant software system that powers their day-to-day work. This is why ChartPerfect’s integration with PayJunction is the perfect marriage of patient management and billing services. PayJunction is a PCI Level 1 Merchant Service Provider and Payment Gateway specializing in paperless payment processing solutions. New and current ChartPerfect users can take their electronic record keeping a step further with patient payments seamlessly managed and stored in the cloud.

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Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

With different systems, office and practice managers often note patient information in multiple places. This can create transposition or duplicate entry errors. Furthermore, it’s simply inefficient to note the same information in two places.

The PayJunction and ChartPerfect integration creates a one-stop shop for managing a patient’s health records as well as their payments. Everything occurs through ChartPerfect’s portal, so medical practitioners can save time by working within one familiar interface.

Using one system is far more natural than recording information twice, is less susceptible to human error and keeps memory lapses from impacting your records.

Reduce Your PCI Scope

As we previously mentioned, PayJunction is accessible via ChartPerfect’s software. Its companion hardware — the Smart Terminal — processes your practice’s in-person payments. The Smart Terminal accepts all forms of payment: EMV chip cards, traditional magstripe cards and NFC-powered smartphones and smartwatches.

The Smart Terminal is a cloud-based terminal, so no cardholder data is ever stored, transmitted or processed via ChartPerfect, your computer or your network. The terminal feeds sensitive cardholder data directly to PayJunction for processing, reducing your practice’s PCI scope and limiting your customers’ exposure.

All transaction information is tokenized, allowing for safe data transfer. This method swaps raw cardholder data for a randomly generated string of characters that has no value if breached.

Promoting a safe environment is important for your practice and your patients. Using ChartPerfect’s integrated payment solution will simplify your payment processing while securing it to the highest level.

Maintain Digital Transaction Histories

Medical practices are typically familiar with the menial work of paper management and filing. Those who’ve transitioned to an EHR now deal with it less often, but paper is still a large part of office life.

With ChartPerfect’s PayJunction integration, users can maintain digital transaction records for their patients. This helps practices completely transition to the cloud and ties every payment to the corresponding patient record. Past transaction information can easily be searched by the patient’s name, invoice number, date, amount, etc.

Remain HIPAA Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a must-meet standard for medical practitioners. ChartPerfect's HIPAA-compliant patient portal will allow your patients to make secure online payments.

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Are you a ChartPerfect user? What makes you most excited about its integration with PayJunction? What are some common pain points in your current processes? We’d love to hear from you!

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