Rentopian and PayJunction Now Offer Integrated Payment Processing

Rentopian and PayJunction Now Offer Integrated Payment Processing

Event rental businesses have a ton to manage, from tracking the lifecycle of an order to optimizing inventory for maximum profit. It’s no wonder why so many event rental businesses are turning to Rentopian for a seamless software solution.

Rentopian is a comprehensive software designed to streamline numerous business needs for event rental companies. In addition to its lengthy list of features, Rentopian recently integrated with PayJunction — an all-in-one Merchant Account Provider and Payment Gateway — to streamline payment processing for these businesses. We’ll dive into the helpful features Rentopian provides along with the benefits of using PayJunction as an integrated payment provider.

Rentopian and PayJunction Offer More

Rentopian provides a robust, all-in-one software service that can tackle everything from managing your inventory in real time to barcode scanning, e-commerce setup, social network profile management and posting, and customer management. These features, in addition to others, help your business maintain tabs day-to-day, make smart investments and reach more prospective clients.

This software helps users go paperless with their contracts and invoices. With so much handled online, it makes sense that Rentopian partnered with PayJunction for its paperless payment-processing solution.

Rentopian users can now authorize and capture card-not-present transactions, issue refunds and void transactions with one click within the system, as well as create customer profiles to store tokenized cards on file. Tokenization is the process of storing a randomly generated string of characters that completely replaces the cardholder data and has no value if breached. With customer cards on file, you can recharge customers in the future with a single click.

These features, just like those of Rentopian, are accessible from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Keep tabs on sales as they happen and manage your business from home or on the road when needed.

Streamlining Providers

An integrated solution means you just have to log into Rentopian to access all its features and accept payments. Because PayJunction is an all-in-one provider, you do not need a separate Payment Gateway to accept online payments, which reduces your providers and makes running your event rental business and managing your payment processing as streamlined as possible.

With an all-in-one service, you avoid paying a Payment Gateway fee, have an easier time contacting support when necessary and can better understand your effective processing rate without having to do complex math on multiple merchant statements.

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