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How to Manage Your Dealership’s Cashiers More Effectively

How to Manage Your Dealership’s Cashiers More Effectively
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It can be challenging to manage all your dealership’s departments and ensure multiple cashiers are processing payments correctly and in a way that will make reporting clean. It’s constant work that takes precious time out of your day.

One cashier’s mistake can eat up as much as an hour of productivity if you consider the time it takes to resolve the issue and the time the cashier can’t spend serving customers. If individual receipts or batch receipts are lost or not handed in at the end of the day, you could spend an hour per month tracking down the cashier or multiple hours totalling individual receipts to get a batch total.

Micromanaging your cashiers isn’t the most effective way to oversee your dealership’s departments (and we’re sure it’s not ideal for your workload, either). So, how can you manage your dealership’s cashiers more effectively?

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Take Your Dealership Digital

Going paperless and taking your dealership digital can immensely improve the overall workflow of your dealership and allow you to manage your cashiers more easily. Aside from the many benefits of going paperless, like decreasing overhead costs, you’re also equipped with the technology — a Virtual Terminal — to efficiently manage your dealership’s cashiers. A Virtual Terminal connects with your credit card reader to log all sales activity and transaction histories digitally, along with providing other operational benefits.

Limit User Access

The best Virtual Terminals give you control over your cashiers’ abilities within the platform, automating your management of their activity. By limiting user access you can:

  • Grant users access by department: Limiting cashiers’ access to their assigned department ensures that transactions are filed correctly from the get-go. Because most Virtual Terminals will automate batch reports for you (another feature to make your day), this also eliminates the need to manually sort receipts and track down batch print outs from cashiers.
  • Restrict users from running certain transactions: With an old-school terminal, there’s no way to restrict a cashier from running a refund. With a Virtual Terminal, you can do just that. Plus, with a Virtual Terminal that offers recurring billing, you can limit a user’s ability to set up payment schedules.
  • Limit access to transaction histories and reports: For added security, you can also restrict users’ access to historical transactions and reports, as well as settle batches. As this information is typically shared on a need-to-know basis, you’re able to quickly toggle these settings on and off for whomever in the system you choose.

Track Work and Accountability

In addition to restriction abilities, a Virtual Terminal will track each user’s activity, allowing you to keep tabs on cashiers and check in at your leisure. This level of visibility allows you to hold cashiers accountable for questionable transactions and address mistakes in seconds.

This feature will also help you uncover whether any cashiers are repeatedly processing payments incorrectly, which can have a big impact on your month-end close. Weeding out issues like this earlier saves you time preparing your end-of-month reports.

Why stick to a manual, time-consuming process when you can automate it and gain even more visibility over your cashiers? Consider a Virtual Terminal to streamline your management tasks and take your dealership to the next level.

See how a Virtual Terminal improved Groppetti Automotive’s operations.


Tell us how much time you spend managing your cashiers on a monthly basis. Do you think automating it with a Virtual Terminal would free up your time? Tell us below!

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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