4 Features for Easy-to-Use Veterinary Payment Software

4 Features for Easy-to-Use Veterinary Payment Software

If you’re a veterinary practice owner or manager, there are a number of good reasons why you should prioritize ease of use when selecting practice management and financial software. For one, receptionist and admin roles often experience high turnover, so a short training period is crucial to helping your business operations run smoothly.

For another, the veterinary practitioners we speak with value ease of use as their main software criteria. Lastly, an easy, intuitive system will help your practice run efficiently and keep your staff happy. After all, no one likes using a system that’s slow, cumbersome and requires duplicate work.

If you’re looking to equip your animal hospital with intuitive, front office software, here are the four features to look for.

  1. Virtual Terminal Sync

    With a POS machine that connects to a Virtual Terminal (software that records transaction information), you can accept payments and unlock the following functionalities without inconveniencing clients to return to your practice: refund or recharge accounts, set up recurring billing schedules and store tokenized cards on file. These features are not standard, but they are examples of ways in which a Smart Terminal that connects to a Virtual Terminal gives veterinary practices greater control over their payments.

  2. Paperless Payments

    Paper receipts have to be printed, signed, sorted and stored in the event of a chargeback dispute. This process is cumbersome for front office staff, can take away from client experience and can be nightmarish if a chargeback occurs down the road.

    By selecting a credit card terminal that helps you go paperless with your transaction, you can make numerous daily tasks more efficient: looking up transaction histories, seeing cumulative sales, finding receipts, and more.

  3. Software Integration

    Do you run transactions in one system and have to copy the information into your practice management system? Operating a system that requires duplicate entry can result in human error and inefficiency. There’s a better way. With an integrated payment provider, you can log all payment-related information within your practice management system without any additional work.

    With a robust integration, you can achieve all the functionality of a Virtual Terminal along with the client management, patient scheduling and record-keeping you require.

  4. Intuitive Look and Feel

    This is more subjective, but you should test-drive any software in the form of a demo or trial before purchasing it, because financial or practice management software that isn’t intuitively designed will cause more harm than good for your practice.

    Look for proprietary, built-in-house options that show a dedication to product excellence as opposed to the bare functionality required. With a clean, intuitive design and minimal manual work, you can leverage software that’s easy for staff to use and makes accepting payments and managing patient records easy for everyone.

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What do you prioritize when selecting a software to use? What’s on your staff’s wish list? What do they tend to complain about? We’d love to hear from you!

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