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How to Use the PayJunction Invoices Feature to Email Request for Payment

How to Use the PayJunction Invoices Feature to Email Request for Payment
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Welcome to PJ University, where we teach you how to use PayJunction like a pro. We’ve recently added an invoices feature, which allows customers to pay an invoice using their computer, smartphone or tablet. This convenient new feature helps streamline payments and improve cash flow while maintaining security.


PayJunction’s invoices feature allows you to quickly send an email to customers requesting payment. They open the email, enter card details into a simple and secure form, and press “pay” to submit the transaction. 

Access the PayJunction Virtual Terminal to create an invoice, view status, and send reminder emails for any balances that are overdue. In addition to sending an invoice for the total amount due, you have the option to split payments under the same invoice number and bill the customer in increments. Another great use is to capture an initial down payment and then save the card on file to automatically process recurring or subscription payments.

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How to Send an Invoice Payment Request

Running a transaction is easy: 1) log into PayJunction’s Virtual Terminal and select the invoices tab; 2) select “new invoice”; 3) enter the payment amount and customer email address; 4) add any notes such as description of items or due date and attach a copy of the invoice or supporting documentation; 5) press “send invoice.” The invoice will be marked as “open” until it is paid.

The customer experience is also very simple: 1) receive an email request that contains the business name and amount due; 2) press the “pay now” button; 3) enter card and customer data into the form; 3) press “pay.” 

Once approved, the invoice will show as “paid” in the Virtual Terminal and an electronic receipt will be sent to you and to the customer.

For detailed steps on how to create and manage invoices, read this support article.

Bottom Line

Make it easy for customers to submit remote payments and improve cash flow at your business by emailing a payment request for an invoice.

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