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How JigoShop and PayJunction Make E-Commerce Easy

How JigoShop and PayJunction Make E-Commerce Easy
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Wordpress is one of the most user-friendly website-building tools out there. With thousands of ready-to-use themes and intuitive content posting, it’s a good and cheap alternative to a custom website build. But having a web presence for your business is one thing, accepting online payments is another.

A website helps legitimize your business and gives potential customers an easy way to evaluate your brand, learn about store hours and get in contact with you. Operating an online store takes your presence to the next level by giving customers an opportunity to compare products, see your inventory and — most importantly — make purchases! Online stores have low overhead and provide your business with numerous benefits.

So if you want a website and online store — and an easy way to set up both — look no further than JigoShop for a Wordpress-friendly online shopping cart that satisfies your e-commerce needs.

Easy E-Commerce Setup With JigoShop

One of the first aspects of JigoShop’s service to highlight has to be its price: It’s free to download and install, and comes with over 300 extensions to expand upon its basic offering. Some of these extensions are free, while others incur a fee to install.

Wordpress users enjoy an open-source shopping cart built for them. With nearly 70 JigoShop-specific themes, it’s easy to find a template for your website and a shopping cart that’s ready for launch.

Your online presence and store are only as good as your brand awareness. Expand your reach and get in front of new customers through JigoShop’s integrated social media and email marketing tools. Take advantage of these email ideas and JigoShop’s helpful features to build lasting customer relationships. JigoShop goes above and beyond standard e-commerce solutions by helping you maximize your conversion rate and ROI.

With simplicity and functionality at its heart, JigoShop also lets you effectively manage inventory, save time and resources as compared to a built-from-scratch solution, access numerous shipping tools, and accept payments with a number of available Payment Gateways. Want to streamline further? Select PayJunction to consolidate your providers and monthly bills.

Streamline Providers With PayJunction

If you already accept card-present credit card transactions at your retail location, you already have a Merchant Account Provider. However, your business needs a Merchant Account Provider and Payment Gateway to accept e-commerce transactions.

To streamline and reduce the number of credit card processing middlemen involved in your business, you can opt for an all-in-one provider. PayJunction is just that, and it’s integrated with JigoShop!

There are numerous benefits to streamlining your e-commerce providers. For one, it helps you understand your effective processing rate by consolidating your payment processing into one monthly merchant statement. For another, it simplifies your customer support should an issue with your payments arise. By partnering with an all-in-one provider, you can use the same service for your in-person and e-commerce credit card payments and obtain a more comprehensive look at your aggregate sales and processing fees.

Simply select PayJunction as your Payment Gateway through JigoShop to pair these simple, effective and secure e-commerce providers. Make your online store an easy and helpful way to drive extra sales for your business with minimal effort.

Accept payments with PayJunction and JigoShop.

So easy to use! Love the security and features like easy address search, re-charge, customer name search, and reports! Great format and design and so easy to navigate!
Aayer May 1, 2018
PayJunction has made our credit card processing and deposits easier than ever!
Cyndi L. January 17, 2018
PayJunction is a great asset to our office! Easy to use and amazing customer service! We have not been disappointed!
Mrs. Office Mgr May 2, 2018
A hidden gem! PayJunction may not be the biggest payment processor, but they have some amazing features and an excellent support team.
Jason H. July 19, 2018
I love, love, love using PayJunction they truly are 5 star across the board.
Anna H. February 26, 2018
I have used your services since your company just started and I am happy with everything. Thank you for making my job easy. Your technical department is always available to assist, if ever needed.
Faith May 1, 2018

Do you operate an e-commerce store for your business? What tools do you use? We’d love to hear about your approach to online sales in the comments section below!

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