5 Benefits of Our Semi-Integrated Terminal

5 Benefits of Our Semi-Integrated Terminal
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Software developers have many options when choosing a terminal to enable payments in their applications; however, one type of terminal benefits software developers the most: a semi-integrated terminal. Choosing the right technology will substantially reduce development time and complexity. Here are the top five benefits of our cloud-based terminal.

  1. Semi-Integrated Reduces PCI Scope

    Terminals that are not semi-integrated require software developers to directly interact with credit card data. Any organization that transmits or stores credit card information is subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This means costly annual audits to ensure the proper handling and protection of credit card data.

    A semi-integrated terminal is designed to reduce your PCI scope. It allows developers to process payments in a way that never stores, processes or transmits credit card data directly in their software. This keeps them out of PCI scope.

  2. Semi-Integrated Bypasses EMV Certification Requirements

    EMV chip cards are more secure than magstripe cards; however, they must be processed with an EMV-certified terminal to successfully prevent fraud. With the liability shift, the card brands (MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Discover) transferred the liability for fraudulent transactions, in the case of improper EMV processing, from themselves to businesses to incentivize terminal upgrades.

    Unfortunately, a lot goes into processing EMV chip cards. Terminals must undergo extensive testing in the form of three certification levels, which cover the terminal’s logic, transmission of payments, the software used to facilitate the transfer of payment data, and tests from each of the card brands. All EMV terminals must undergo this extensive testing, which is why many businesses possess an EMV-ready terminal that can’t process EMV chip cards yet.

    By opting for a semi-integrated terminal, a business can bypass these certification queues and process EMV chip cards immediately. This is because businesses with one can piggyback off of our existing EMV certification.

  3. Cloud-Controlled Semi-Integrated Terminals

    Semi-integrated terminals come in two flavors: middleware and cloud-controlled. The middleware option requires the installation and updates of software drivers on the computer the terminal is connected (e.g. USB). With middleware, the business’s computer that runs the drivers becomes implicated in PCI. This creates overhead and maintenance issues that most developers want to avoid. The better option is cloud-controlled terminals.

    No middleware is required for this type of semi-integrated terminal. Businesses can simply plug the terminal into a network and communicate to it via a REST API. No cord (e.g. USB) is connected to any of the business’s computers. By plugging directly into the Ethernet, the business avoids interacting with cardholder data, which reduces its PCI scope.

    EMV middleware also slows down processing speeds by delaying the communication between the terminal, point-of-sale software and processor. By avoiding middleware, your customers will enjoy fast EMV processing. Our cloud-controlled semi-integrated terminal clocks in at just 3.6 seconds for EMV chip cards — that’s five times faster than the average EMV terminal on the market.

  4. Semi-Integrated Plus Electronic Signature Capture

    Our semi-integrated terminal is environmentally friendly, too. The Smart Terminal collects electronic signatures for card-present and remote transactions. This allows businesses to go paperless and search for any transaction in the cloud by the transaction ID, customer information, purchase amount, date, etc.

    When compared to paper receipts, which cost money in the form of storage and equipment, electronic receipts benefit business through greater efficiency and reduced expenses.

  5. Joint Semi-Integrated Terminal Marketing Program

    Your success is our success. Our marketing team is happy to prepare any of the following materials to publicize your integration with PayJunction:

    • Press release distribution to major newswires
    • Blog write up on our website
    • Social media and email promotion
    • Promotion to thousands of active merchants
    • Access to 3,000 resellers spanning the United States

We offer a simple REST API that enables you to get terminals up and running in a matter of minutes. See our developer documentation here. We offer developer support and free developer terminals.

We believe in simple APIs, beautiful documentation and elegant code. The founders of PayJunction are developers, so we know what developers want. Our technology makes all payment types possible, limits your PCI scope, enables signature capture and lets you focus on what you do best. Let us handle the rest.

Have questions about integrating? Call us at 805-562-5594.


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