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What Is an API?

What Is an API?
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The adage, ‘Don’t reinvent the wheel’ is simple. If the work has already been done, don’t waste your time duplicating it. That very idea is the core reason why APIs are so successful today. Many software companies are very good at what they do, and offer APIs so other companies don’t have to replicate the same work.

An API Example

Put simply, an API lets you interface your software with another.

Consider this example: A software company wants to display a map in its interface, but instead of creating its own mapping technology from scratch – which would cost a small fortune – it leverages an existing API. In comes Google Maps API to the rescue.

All the software company needs to do is code Google’s API to have maps up and running in hours instead of months. Then, the company can focus on building new features for its customers instead of wasting time and resources re-creating maps.

Smart companies leverage these to be more efficient and cost-effective with their development resources. Smart developers focus on their unique software features and leverage other companies’ work to fill in the rest. Here are other powerful examples:

Company API
PayJunction Processes credit cards, electronic checks and captures electronic signatures
Twillio Communicates via text messaging
Facebook Allows Facebook users to log in to your website using their Facebook credentials
Mailchimp Allows management of email lists and communication
Amazon Allows to extend and work with Alexa
USPS Calculates shipping costs

You get it, there’s an abundance out there.

PayJunction's API

We process payments and capture electronic signatures, and we do it well. We offer a payment API that allows software companies to leverage all our work and certifications. But what makes ours special?

Because most credit card terminals aren’t cloud based, SaaS-based companies seeking integrated payment processing have limited options. We offer one of the only cloud-based terminals with REST API, which allows these Saas-based companies to integrate payment processing effortlessly.

Our cloud-controlled Smart Terminal can communicate with any native or SaaS-based software while never storing cardholder data on a computer. That allows your customers to securely process and store credit cards without leaving your software interface. Ours can add payment processing to any software, bypass EMV middleware and remain outside of PCI DSS scope. We are a PCI Level 1 compliant and EMV Level 3 certified provider, leaving little work for your developers when it comes to integration. We maintain compliance and complete audits, ensuring your software is always up to date.

Another plus? We offer a free developer terminal to software providers seeking integration, so you can test the partnership and see the benefits unfold before your eyes.

Pick the Best Payment API.


How has your experience been with leveraging other’s APIs? Please tell us below!

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