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6 Green Technologies to Go Paperless at the Workplace

6 Green Technologies to Go Paperless at the Workplace
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Green technology has experienced an undeniable uptick over the last decade. Investments in renewable energy reached $286 billion globally in 2016 and accounted for over half of all added power generated. Smart homes are catching on, enabling homeowners to be more energy efficient and Tesla, Inc. stock is enjoying a lofty price of $305.30 a share.

With all this global investment in green technologies (and market indicators rewarding these initiatives), it’s not surprising that green solutions are also finding a welcome market at the workplace. The benefits for businesses are numerous, ranging from cost and space savings to positive corporate stewardship.

At PayJunction, we’re disrupting our industry with environmental consciousness and ethics. Our Smart Terminal captures digital signatures, allowing businesses to go paperless with their transactions. All signatures and transaction histories are searchable and stored in the cloud for future reference, and customers can receive an emailed receipt (or print one if they choose). This reduces the environmental impact of paper receipts, production of which requires 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water annually in the United States alone.

Luckily for environmentally conscious businesses, there’s no shortage of ways you can go paperless and streamline. We reached out to other green technology providers to learn about their products and share how those technologies could benefit your business. From document tracking to annual business reports, these solutions are perfectly geared for businesses seeking more efficient, less wasteful processes.

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Companies Promoting Green Technology

Visionect ... specialize[s] in energy-efficient digital signage that’s based on electronic paper, which looks like regular paper but can power any number of applications by displaying content that connects to Wi-Fi, can change in real-time or is user-triggered ... One of our products, JOAN, our display for booking meeting rooms, for example, foregoes the need for paper schedules on doors and shows room availability. It allows people to book conference rooms either via company calendars or through its interactive interface. It features amazing battery autonomy, that of weeks, due to its spectacular energy efficiency and uses 99 percent less power in comparison with LCD or LED displays.

Estera Dezelak Content Manager for JOAN Meeting Room Booking Solutions, Visionect

For small businesses and sole proprietorships in need of fast and accurate document reduction and spending management solutions, The Neat Company provides a cloud-based expense data and document consolidation, retention and processing platform that saves time and money while enabling collaboration with competitive insight.

“The Neat software platform provides small businesses, particularly those with a high volume of monthly expense transactions with the need to streamline the storage and organization of all business documentation, with the ability to quickly enter or import and convert document images into a digital data format. Neat helps organize and categorize the data and satisfy business reporting needs related to accounting and taxes. Neat is also a valuable solution for document retention for audit preparedness, provides the ability to create and leverage a variety of spending report and analysis tools.

Jen Cohen-Crompton Entrepreneur-in-Residence at The Neat Company

CoverWallet's insurance management platform allows small businesses to manage all insurance information digitally and removes the hassle of tracking physical documents. No matter your broker, you can upload all policy information, get notifications when an item needs attention and request digital certificates of insurance through the online portal. In addition, it's easy to track certificates and compliance for all third parties — such as vendors, partners, tenants and contractors. By doing so, you can more easily ensure that contractual requirements are being held to and your company's liability is mitigated.

Maxime Rieman Director of Product Marketing at CoverWallet

Our product helps businesses transform the way they offer content to their guests.

“PressReader is a platform for people who want to read, share and talk about the stories that matter to them. We’ve partnered with thousands of publishers in over 100 countries to give readers unlimited access to top-quality journalism around the world. With the PressReader app, leading newspapers and magazines can be read online or downloaded to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Readers can subscribe to PressReader, or access our entire collection without a subscription simply by walking into one of thousands of PressReader HotSpots.

“We set out to help publishers reach readers they never could before, in ways they never have. The fact that we can also help our partners reduce their paper use is very rewarding ... No more stacks of daily newspapers going unread after a flight. No more limited selections of magazines in hotel rooms. Simply the best stories from around the world, delivered right to your pocket.

Igor Smirnoff Chief Commercial Officer at PressReader

One of the services FFunction offers is creating digital interactive reports to replace paper ones. For many organizations and businesses, creating paper reports is a costly (and not very environmentally friendly) affair. Annual reports, for example, are increasing in size every year, representing a major challenge in terms of cost and carbon footprint. In 1996, the average length of an annual report for a listed company was 44 pages. By … 2010 [it was] 101 pages. The amount of information companies feel compelled to get across to their stakeholders is growing by the day.

“In general, reports are not only becoming more time consuming, but the longer they get, the harder it becomes to hold readers’ attention. The best way to cut through the white noise of information overload is to incorporate well-thought-out charts and infographics to allow users to digest lots of information at a glance. That's where an information design company like FFunction can really help; taking statistics and aggregated data and turning that information into an online experience.

Rebecca Galloway Communications Manager at FFunction

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Does your business specialize in green technology? Have you implemented a solution that helped your business go paperless? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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