How to Tailor Your Online Store for the Holiday Season

How to Tailor Your Online Store for the Holiday Season

Whether you’re solely running an e-commerce website, or you run an online store that supplements your brick-and-mortar locations, it’s important to tailor your website when the holidays come around. Trends show that U.S. holiday e-commerce sales are only increasing every year, so why wouldn’t you make sure your online store is set up for success during this busy shopping season?

We asked eight e-commerce experts to share their tips and tricks for tailoring online stores for this buying-intensive time of year. Consider these options as you prepare your own online store for the upcoming holiday season.

Give Your Website a Temporary Makeover

I always recommend businesses to change the visuals of their [online] store. Change the colour scheme, tweak your logo, introduce some festive images. Make your site visitors feel all warm and fuzzy before they start looking at your products.

David Vallance, Content Manager LeaseFetcher

Offer a ‘12 Days of Christmas Sale’ with certain products going on sale each day to boost sales in the days leading up to Christmas. Make special categories for your products centered around the holidays, like ‘Stocking Stuffers,’ ‘Santa’s Picks’ or ‘Christmas Gifts for the Grinch in Your Family.'

David Ambrogio, SEO and Content StrategistOnline Optimism

Meet Your Buyers’ Expectations

... as November approaches bargain shoppers expect holiday deals to appear. Ensure shipping times and inventories are super clear, so customers know if they will receive their products in time for travel and gifting.

Nicholas Kinports, Founderlonelybrand

We make sure ... all of [our customers] questions are answered, delivery times are easy to understand, and customer service is always available whether through email, live chat, or even text message.

Jameson Spooner, CEOTmbr.

Create Buzz Around Your Site

Contests and giveaways naturally drive traffic to your pages and products, ultimately boosting your brand recognition. In addition to acting as a friendly nudge to previous buyers, you can expect to see a rise in new customers.

Nate Masterson, CMOMaple Holistics

What we really try to emphasize is that we sell out every Christmas and that shipments go out on a first come, first served basis. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is great leverage — especially during the holiday season. If you can offer expedited shipping, it's also a huge plus!

Dave Hermansen, CEOStore Coach, Inc

Don't compete, innovate. Major retailers kick up the marketing and sales messaging during the holidays. This is the time to launch exclusive ideas that nobody else carries to take advantage of gift giving.

Nicholas Kinports, Founderlonelybrand

… having a countdown timer for a particular price, or a 'only 3 left' indicator to increase the urgency of the buyer. Particularly in a holiday setting – contriving some kind of urgency, can be very effective in decreasing friction to checkout.

Tim Brown, Owner, Marketer Hook Agency

Use Tools to Drive Engagement

Add conversion tracking with a Facebook pixel. Facebook advertising is powerful, and adding a pixel to your ecommerce store will tell you exactly how much Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) you are achieving in Facebook's extensive ad network. It's a powerful way to learn more about your customers' tastes and preferences.

Nicholas Kinports, Founderlonelybrand

You should try implementing a chatbot [and then] customize it with the right questions and answers to automate the sales process even more. Use that to drive conversions during the holiday.

Mihai Corbuleac, Senior IT

… focus on building your email list as much as you can before the holiday season. Our email lists have [been] extremely effective in our communication and relationship with our customers and convert much higher than any other marketing channel for us.

Jameson Spooner, CEOTmbr.

Ensure your online store has the best online payment system for the holidays.


How else can e-commerce business owners tailor their online stores? The more tips the better! Share your expert advice below.

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