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ONTRAPORT Integrations: Affordable Payment Processing via PayJunction

ONTRAPORT Integrations: Affordable Payment Processing via PayJunction
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As your business develops, it’s natural to add on an e-commerce component or a marketing team to grow your reach and brand awareness. Even as a curious business owner, you might be wondering who your ideal customer is, what your customer journey looks like and how interested buyers are finding your product or services. When your business reaches this apex, it’s wise to consider your options for marketing automation software.

Marketing automation software can help you streamline your communication with prospects and customers, understand a customer’s lifetime value, determine where your advertising dollars are best spent and optimize your sales funnel. It’s one thing to have an impeccable reputation and local following; it’s entirely another to broaden your business to a wider, web-based audience.

Enter ONTRAPORT, one of the best marketing automation solutions available today. ONTRAPORT’s comprehensive suite of features, reports and unique customer journey mapping provide business owners and marketing teams with the data to make informed decisions. Businesses that use ONTRAPORT can also accept e-commerce payments through a library of different integrated Payment Gateways. This allows businesses to do more with fewer tools and makes setting up an online store painless and cost-effective.

So, what’s unique about ONTRAPORT integrations as they pertain to merchant accounts? ONTRAPORT allows businesses to use multiple payment providers alongside one another, giving businesses added flexibility along with numerous related benefits.

ONTRAPORT Integrations Allow for Frictionless Provider Changes

Switching your business’s payment provider can be a headache, especially if you’re locked into a contract and face an early termination fee. However, ONTRAPORT stores and processes credit cards within the platform and also records all transaction histories. So not only can businesses partner with two providers side by side, they can also switch their Payment Gateways at any time should an opportunity for cost savings or provider consolidation arise. All payment data, recurring payments and existing order forms for subscriptions transfer instantly without inconveniencing businesses or customers with resubmissions of credit card forms.

Now, if your business is growing and you’re paying Flat rate pricing, this creates an opportunity to partner with a lower-cost provider for your merchant services. All it takes is a simple switch to another integrated ONTRAPORT provider. Payment Facilitators charge the same rate for every transaction. This is straightforward, but ultimately costs more overall because businesses on Flat rate pricing don’t benefit from the lower Interchange rates of debit and non-rewards credit card transactions.

These cost savings are simply never passed onto the businesses. Likewise, maintaining a secure online store by requiring AVS match and complying with Visa’s CPS requirements does not translate to cost savings for your business. When you partner with a Payment Facilitator, those savings are pocketed by your provider.

Payment Facilitators offer their customers one shared merchant account. Underwriting never occurs, so they can’t offer premium pricing options that pass savings on to their customers. This is where partnering with a gateway that’s a Merchant Account Provider pays off. More mature businesses with high processing volume and credit history can undergo underwriting for an individual merchant account.

With this assessment, there is an opportunity for more cost-effective rate plans like Tiered and Interchange-plus pricing. These plans charge businesses based on the risk and reward associated with each transaction, and pass the cost savings to the business. Through ONTRAPORT, all it takes is a mere switch or provider addition as opposed to a total move of your merchant services.

Now, rates are one way to save, but what about consolidating providers?

PayJunction Offers All-in-One Payment Processing for ONTRAPORT Customers

It’s common for businesses to obtain multiple providers for their payment processing needs. They may have one provider for in-person transactions, another for e-commerce and another still for over-the-phone transactions. You can consolidate your providers, reduce monthly service fees, simplify your support channels and better understand your effective processing rate with one, inclusive provider.

To process e-commerce transactions, you need both a Payment Gateway and a Merchant Account Provider or Payment Facilitator. Streamline your providers and access more cost-effective rate plans by selecting an all-in-one Merchant Account Provider and Payment Gateway for your e-commerce needs.

PayJunction is an all-in-one provider, offering streamlined service, seamless integration with ONTRAPORT and award-winning customer support. With month-to-month service, trying PayJunction alongside your current Payment Gateway in ONTRAPORT is an effortless way to experience the billing and service differences.

PayJunction can handle all card-present and card-not-present transactions (including e-commerce and over the phone payments) resulting in one monthly bill that makes it easy to understand your total payment processing costs. It’s incredibly easy to get up and running with ONTRAPORT and PayJunction, and PayJunction promises to match or beat prospective customers’ current rates.

Want to try PayJunction with ONTRAPORT?

So easy to use! Love the security and features like easy address search, re-charge, customer name search, and reports! Great format and design and so easy to navigate!
Aayer May 1, 2018
PayJunction has made our credit card processing and deposits easier than ever!
Cyndi L. January 17, 2018
PayJunction is a great asset to our office! Easy to use and amazing customer service! We have not been disappointed!
Mrs. Office Mgr May 2, 2018
A hidden gem! PayJunction may not be the biggest payment processor, but they have some amazing features and an excellent support team.
Jason H. July 19, 2018
I love, love, love using PayJunction they truly are 5 star across the board.
Anna H. February 26, 2018
I have used your services since your company just started and I am happy with everything. Thank you for making my job easy. Your technical department is always available to assist, if ever needed.
Faith May 1, 2018

What does your merchant service setup look like? Are you jugging multiple providers? We’d love to hear from you!

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