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How Company Culture Shapes Award-Winning Services and Solutions

How Company Culture Shapes Award-Winning Services and Solutions
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PayJunction swept up during the 2022 awards season, taking home three Gold Globee Business Excellence Awards, two Silver and one Gold ABA Stevie Awards, and a Gold Titan Award. Every employee of PayJunction shares strong core values focused on meeting the needs of customers and valuing long-term relationships over short-term profits. 

Read on to learn more about our unique and award-winning people-first approach to solutions and service. We are proud of the comments provided by the judges and our loyal customers.

A Long Reputation for Putting People First

PayJunction’s experienced customer support team delivers consistently high quality service that sets us apart from our competitors. In fact, this is PayJunction’s sixth win in the ABA Stevie Awards Customer Service category, which is a testament to a culture of putting customers first. We’re proud to consistently deliver award-winning service in an industry that is riddled with providers that often take advantage of their customers with hidden billing practices. In 2021, the customer satisfaction score for incoming tickets was 97.8%, and calls were answered within 36 seconds on average.

Our team takes pride in listening to every customer, asking questions and gathering information to ensure they fully understand the issue. Team members take personal ownership and follow through with every issue until full resolution is obtained and the customer is satisfied.

PayJunction averages a >90% approval rating from a dozen leading industry review companies focused on payments.

The judges were impressed with what they learned and read about PayJunction’s culture. One judge noted “It's awesome to see an organization for whom there's such a natural 'meshing' between your core principles, your customers' needs, and your team's development. Way to go in leveraging that into some wonderful outcomes and measures of excellence!”

Thank you so much for your relationship [which] we have enjoyed over the past 20 years. From the time we opened our account it was obvious to me that PayJunction was very different from other credit card processors. The personalized service that you offered was a welcome relief from our experiences with other companies.
Business Owner Event Rentals Company

Continuous Innovation in Responding to Customer Needs

The shift to digital payments accelerated in 2020 as customers embraced online purchases, curbside servicing and delivery. PayJunction updated its cloud-based payment solution to support the transition to remote payments. These features help businesses improve productivity, manage costs, mitigate fraud and protect sensitive card data, and include:

Digital Invoices

Electronic invoices improve cash flow while saving time, paper, and postage. Businesses quickly create an electronic invoice and email it. Customers open the message, enter payment details and receive an electronic receipt. 

Chargeback Notifications 

PayJunction’s Digital Notification system sends an email with a link to view chargebacks, easily locate disputed transactions, and respond to chargebacks by uploading supporting documentation.

JavaScript Tokenization

This security feature allows developers to tokenize data on existing payment forms (instead of redirecting to a hosted page). Businesses retain full control over the checkout experience and no sensitive card data touches their servers. 

Portable Terminal

PayJunction’s mobile terminal allows businesses to accept payment transactions anywhere in reach of a Wi-Fi signal. Card details are securely captured in-person, which saves up to 1% on each transaction.

Once again, the judges were impressed with PayJunction’s solutions in response to changing customer preferences. “Great payment processing product. Remote payment features and impressive controls mitigate fraud and protect sensitive data.. . . Well done!”

We've used other platforms for [invoices] in the past, but faced challenges with security, ease of use, responses and tracking payments. [PayJunction’s invoices] are so easy to use and saves us so much time, plus our clients love it.
Lauren McDevitt Practice Manager at Cypress Fairhaven Vet

Simplified Payments Integration Technology Streamlines Acceptance

  • Gold Globee Award - Application Programming Interface (API) Management Solution
  • Gold ABA Stevie Award - Business Technology—Application Programming Interface (API)

PayJunction’s open-access RESTful API allows integrators to quickly and easily accept credit, debit and ACH payments from within their software without having to build payment-specific code or go through PCI certification. It is one of the only cloud-based API solutions in the payment space, which means that no cardholder data is stored or processed on the business’ local systems or servers.

PayJunction earned the award for adding six key features to the PayJunction API since 2020 that boost productivity, improve the customer experience, lower costs and protect data:

PayJunction thrives on making it simple to work with us.

The judges commented that PayJunction’s use of technology is “interesting and innovative” and took note of how we provide end users a secure platform for payments. “Excellent work in the field of secure digital payment solutions in this era of everything cloud and contactless, and everyone privacy-centric and cybersecurity-concerned! I can immediately see the values of the new features and changes released over the past year . . . particularly in the javascript tokenization and digital invoices.”

Thanks to the PayJunction-Sycle integrated solution. . . the job for anybody dealing with invoices and payments has become so much easier. Our staff has more time to dedicate to serving customers
Will Diles Hearing Aid Dispenser at Kenwood Hearing Center

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2022 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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