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PCI Compliance Is Simple With Sycle-PayJunction Integration

PCI Compliance Is Simple With Sycle-PayJunction Integration
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Accepting EMV payments is tough enough. But when your customers are businesses that use your software and need to accept credit and debit card payments, it’s even trickier. You have a long road ahead to marrying the two and meeting PCI DSS requirements. These are mandatory benchmarks for all merchants that accept, transmit and store cardholder data, regardless of transaction volume.

Believe us when we tell you that it’s not a stroll in the park. PCI compliance involves the following requirements:

  • Yearly audits to evaluate your systems and identify security vulnerabilities
  • Potential quarterly scans to check on the security of your cardholder data

Not intimidated? If you want to accept EMV chip cards, you’ll have to jump through the following hoops:

  • Certification with each card issuer (Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover)
  • Testing tools that cost $10,000 per developer

Best part of all? Due to the liability shift, businesses are facing pressure to upgrade their old processing terminals — leading to long EMV-certification queues. Say hello to a one-year wait time.

But what if your business could integrate with a PCI Level 1 Merchant Account Provider and Payment Gateway that handled PCI compliance and EMV Level 3 certification so you wouldn’t have to?

Sound like a dream come true? It was for Sycle, the No. 1 audiology practice management software, when it took advantage of PayJunction’s payment API and semi-integrated solution.

How Sycle Achieved PCI Compliance With Ease


Sycle helps clinics around the world deliver better patient care by streamlining administrative tasks. Physicians can book appointments, review patient files and automate processes either in office or remotely by smartphone, tablet or computer.

Audiologists require a Merchant Account Provider to process credit and debit card transactions alongside Sycle’s practice management system. Luckily, it’s a simple task. Transactions can be requested directly through Sycle, completed on the Smart Terminal and saved in PayJunction’s Virtual Terminal. (More on that in a moment.)

This allows audiologists to achieve EMV Level 3 certification and use Sycle’s software, while PayJunction handles PCI compliance for them. Sycle set the integration up so its software never stores, processes or transmits cardholder data.

The Smart Terminal’s Other Half

With the Sycle-PayJunction integration, audiologists can take advantage of PayJunction’s Virtual Terminal — which provides all the functionality of an old-school terminal but stores data in the cloud as opposed to paper receipts. The Virtual Terminal offers enhanced benefits, including the following:

  • Transaction logs: See all transactions as they occur in real time.
  • Easy deposit reconciliation: Gain transparency into rates and fees to remove any guesswork when comparing batch reports to bank deposits.
  • Beautiful reports: Make smarter business decisions with year-over-year reports.
  • Searchability: Look up any transaction receipt or batch report with ease in the event of a chargeback.
  • Cards on file: Make life easy for repeat clients by securely storing their card information on file. Handling refunds, recurring payments and remote transactions becomes a breeze.

The Smart Terminal processes EMV chip cards, traditional mag­stripe cards and contactless payments like Apple Pay. It also supports advanced features including electronic signature capture and digital receipts — supplementing Sycle’s reputation across audiology practice software.

PayJunction and Sycle: A Perfect Integration

As Sycle and PayJunction work hand in hand, this seamless semi-integrated solution helps audiology practices run smoothly, resulting in a better experience for each patient who walks through the door.

PayJunction is integrated with many point-of-sale and practice management systems similar to Sycle, making the adoption of Smart Terminal technology and EMV Level 3 certification simple for businesses that use these systems.

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Is your business adhering to PCI compliance? Are you seeking a Merchant Account Provider that can integrate with your software? Share your experiences with both in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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