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How to Process a Transaction Using the Smart Terminal

How to Process a Transaction Using the Smart Terminal
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Welcome to PayJunction University, where we teach you how to use PayJunction like a pro. Today’s lesson will show you how to process a transaction with the Smart Terminal.


After logging into PayJunction, select “Process a Credit Card” from the left-hand column. Then select the “Smart Terminal” tab on the top of the page. Now, select which terminal and account you would like to use. Enter the transaction amount and click “Request Payment” at the bottom of the screen. Your customer will take over from here.

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If tips are enabled on your account, they will be presented with a screen to choose their tip amount. After they have done this, they will use the method of their choice to make the payment. They can insert an EMV chip card or swipe a card if it doesn’t have a chip. They can also hover their NFC-enabled smartphone or watch over the top of the Smart Terminal to pay.

Once the Smart Terminal has accepted their payment, the screen will prompt them to sign for the transaction, then ask if they want a receipt emailed to them. If they do, they will enter their email address here as well. Once this is complete, your screen will show their signature with the option to print out a receipt. Once you are done, click “Complete Transaction.”

There you have it, processing a transaction with our Smart Terminal is as easy as one-two-three! Not to mention, you’ll reap the many benefits our Smart Terminal has to offer. With the ability to accept all types of payments, your business will be ready for the future and able to accommodate all customers’ preferred payment methods.

The Smart Terminal also eliminates the need for paper receipts, which are costly and harmful to the environment. Maintaining old-school terminals means retaining storage space for signed receipt copies and a stock of supplies. This can cost upwards of $400 monthly. Paper receipts, often made with BPA, take a serious toll on the environment, using billions of natural resources each year in the U.S. alone.

How are receipts filed and stored then? The Smart Terminal is cloud-based and communicates directly with our Virtual Terminal or any integrated software. Digitally signed receipts are stored in the software for easy, future access. It’s as simple as searching for something on Google!

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