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8 Ways to Brighten the Patient Payment Experience at Your Dental Practice

8 Ways to Brighten the Patient Payment Experience at Your Dental Practice
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In recent years, we've seen a surge in contactless and digital payments, with consumers favoring the convenience of online remittance, smartphones, wearables and mobile wallets. These changes in consumer behavior have reshaped how dental practices manage payment acceptance at reception or through the back office.

4 Efficient Front-office Payment Practices

Integrate Payments with Your Software

Integrating payment acceptance with your software creates a unified platform where payment information seamlessly flows into your practice management system (PMS). Front-end employees can initiate all payment transactions using almost any cloud-based PMS. This streamlines checkout processes by eliminating redundant data entry while also minimizing errors.

Utilize a Customer-Facing, Contactless Device

Customer-facing payment EMV and NFC contactless terminals, paired with your clinic's practice management system or a Virtual Terminal, expedite transactions by allowing patients to swiftly pay by waving a card, smartphone, or wearable device over a payment terminal. This approach is quicker than passing cards back and forth and enhances security since the credit card never leaves the patient’s sight.

Eliminate Signatures and Receipts

Businesses using EMV-enabled devices for payment processing are no longer mandated to collect signatures or retain transaction receipts. Disabling these features is eco-friendly and expedites the checkout process. Employees can easily access digital receipts and email them to patients in just a few clicks. 

Capture Payment Details at Check-in

Running a client's card upon check-in allows for a smoother transaction process post-appointment. This approach is particularly beneficial following dental surgery or a stressful child’s examination since it lets patients leave without the need to stop at the desk.

PayJunction’s card-on-file feature uses tokenization to store cardholder data securely upon initial payment. This allows staff to charge patients on future appointments without requiring the physical card again.

4 Ways to Collect Remote Payments

Utilize Digital Invoices to Request Payment

Sending out paper bills for outstanding balances is inefficient. Digital invoices provide a swift and convenient way for patients to pay balances due using their mobile devices or computers. Staff generate invoices by entering the amount owed, linking it to the patient's file, and sending a payment request via email. You can even include a description of procedures and attach an electronic copy of the invoice or supporting documentation.

Patients value the efficiency and security of digital invoices, finding them quicker and safer than paying by mail or providing card details over the phone. The payment process typically involves the client receiving an email requesting payment, entering payment details into a simple form, and confirming the transaction by "pay."

Implement Recharge and Automated Recurring Payments

Capturing and securely storing payment information tied to patient records simplifies the collection of one-time, installment, or recurring payments for services such as Invisalign. Securely capturing and retaining clients' payment details on file makes it easy to recharge a returning patient or set up payment schedules.

Automating recurring payments enhances cash flow by reducing days sales outstanding (DSO). Office managers can customize payment schedules to bill at daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals, with the flexibility to set end dates for short-term plans or leave them open-ended for continuous services.

Collect Online Payments

Transform your website into a convenient platform for clients to settle bills from any device. Adding a Hosted Checkout feature lets patients click a "Pay Now" button to access a secure billing page where they input payment details. 

Hosted Checkout serves as an ideal solution for clients paying invoices electronically. You can also use it to collect co-pays from patients when they book appointments online. It requires no specialized website development skills or additional software purchases, and the collected data remains outside of PCI scope.

Accept Secure Phone Payments

Process telephone payments efficiently using a cloud-hosted Virtual Terminal that allows employees to input card details and complete transactions swiftly in a secure portal. Upon completion, a receipt is emailed to the client for electronic signature. The signature is automatically logged with patient history, which makes it easy to retrieve transaction details as needed.

Enabling Address Verification Service (AVS) enhances security and reduces credit card processing rates, contributing to potential savings, particularly for costly procedures and treatments.

Implementing the right solutions and processes to support these payment methods leads to improved patient experiences, accelerated cash flow, savings in time and labor, and reduced fraud.

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