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How Marketplace Physical Therapy Relieved the Pain of Payment Acceptance

How Marketplace Physical Therapy Relieved the Pain of Payment Acceptance
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Marketplace Physical Therapy is a holistic therapy and wellness center specializing in Orthopedic, Metabolic and Neurological Rehabilitation. Michael Rappaport founded the practice in 2003. It has grown to 5 locations in Southern California’s inland empire region.

Marketplace’s physical therapists are experts in finding the root cause of each patient’s pain or discomfort and helping them recover quickly to get back to doing the activities they love. Michael and the team follow the mindset of always moving forward, making investments in people, tools and technologies that improve their practice.



Streamlining Payment Processes at Marketplace PT

Jaymee Valencia, Marketplace’s chief operating officer, shares Michael’s philosophy and looks for solutions that improve workflows and remove pain points for office staff so they can spend more time on patient-facing activities. She is especially keen on finding software that integrates with WebPT, the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system used for scheduling, appointment check-ins, and patient charting at the clinic.

Marketplace has been a loyal PayJunction customer since 2018, using PayJunction’s cloud-connected EMV and contactless payment terminals, Virtual Terminal and payment portal to accept credit and debit cards, and ACH bank transfers. The solutions helped the practice eliminate paper processes and accept in-person, online, and invoicing payments. However, payment acceptance workflows ran in parallel with WebPT, requiring staff to record sales twice: once to run the payment transaction and again to record it in the EMR system. 

A Better Tool Leads to a Rapid Recovery

In late 2023, PayJunction contacted Marketplace to explain how its new No-code Payments Integration® solution would eliminate manual processes related to payment acceptance, reconciliation and reporting. PayJunction’s free browser-based extension integrates payment acceptance features into almost any cloud-based software in minutes.

Jaymee jumped at the opportunity to implement a streamlined process, especially since more than 30 clinic employees accept and manage payments. Marketplace front desk employees now initiate and manage all payment activity within WebPT* without toggling between multiple tabs. This speeds checkout, eliminates duplicate entries and reduces keying errors.

Accepting Payments

Staff can quickly accept in-person payments and telephone orders, recharge a card on file, send a digital invoice, and issue refunds using the browser extension. The solution captures card and bank account details and securely stores them in patient records for future charges and refunds.

Employees initiate payments from within WebPT’s Scheduler or Patient Manager functions. Data is entered once, which saves about 2 minutes per patient interaction and eliminates errors. Once approved, all transaction information automatically flows back to WebPT and then to the billing system. It’s also logged in PayJunction’s management portal.

Reconciliation and Reporting

End-of-day processes have also improved. Employees no longer need to compare transaction totals in separate systems, speeding reconciliation.

Marketplace operates 5 clinics across the region. To measure success, Michael and Jaymee must have visibility into the performance and profitability at each location. PayJunction’s solution automatically splits batches by location, eliminating an hour of work each day for the employee responsible for that task, and freeing her to help in other ways.

An Engaged Staff Creates Loyalty

Marketplace thrives when employees are engaged and focused on activities they are passionate about, such as the patient experience. Jaymee estimates that the browser extension saves Marketplace 36 hours per week across their 5 locations.

Jaymee says, “The biggest thing that makes us grow is what patients tell their friends and family.”  Eliminating tedious, manual, and paper-based tasks means employees have time to learn patients’ names, remember kids’ birthdays, and inquire about family pets or favorite hobbies. These positive interactions at the front desk deepen relationships and help grow referrals.

Learn More about No-code Payments Integration®.

* The use of No-code Payments Integration with a browser accessing WebPT does not indicate any partnership or direct integration with WebPT.

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