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The Benefits of Custom Business Receipts

The Benefits of Custom Business Receipts
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We’ve all been there. You’re sorting through receipts and one catches your eye. You think ‘What is this for? What did I even buy?’ You search the receipt for any minuscule clue to jog your memory. Nothing. Now you’re panicking over an unrecognizable $150 charge.

This isn’t ideal for business owners either. If your customers feel this way when they look at your receipts, you could get hit with unwarranted chargebacks. With the ability to create custom receipts, you never have to worry about your customers questioning a purchase.


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Custom Business Receipts Prevent Chargebacks

Custom receipts should include information so customers can easily recognize where they made a purchase. Including your business information will prevent customers from issuing friendly chargebacks. These chargebacks aren't filed with malicious intent, they're filed because the purchaser doesn't remember making the purchase, doesn't recognize the receipt or loaned his credit card to a family member or friend.

From the Virtual Terminal, go to “More” and then “Accounts.” From here, select the account then click “Configure Receipt.” Add a company logo, receipt header, the name displayed for your business, along with the billing and shipping info. You can also add custom text at the footer of your receipt for your return policy, terms of service or social media pages. Click “Save” and you’re done!

You now have beautifully customized receipts so your customers easily recognize their purchases.

Custom Receipts Promote Your Brand

Receipts provide a great opportunity to promote your business and engage customers. Add footer text to the bottom of your receipts to thank customers or promote an upcoming sale or event. Because our receipts are digital, your customers can conveniently click on the social media icons on their receipts to be directed to your social profiles. A larger social following legitimizes your business to customers who use social networks to research brand reputations.

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