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How to Choose the Right Veterinary Merchant Service Provider

How to Choose the Right Veterinary Merchant Service Provider
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Making sure your vet clinic runs smoothly isn't just about taking good care of animals—it's also about handling the admin and finances well. And a big part of that is picking the right company to process your credit and debit card payments securely. Here are some things to consider when selecting a veterinary merchant service provider.

Understanding Your Practice's Needs

Before evaluating payment providers, you must determine your vet clinic’s needs. Consider how many transactions you handle, what payment methods your clients prefer, and whether you need mobile payment options for house calls or remote services. You want a provider who can give you precisely what you need.

Assessing Costs and Fees

You've got to think about the money side of your business. Fees vary significantly across payment providers, especially for transaction rates, monthly services, account setup, and equipment rental. Make sure you get a clear, detailed breakdown of all the costs from each provider so you don't get surprised by any hidden charges later. Compare all costs against the services offered to determine the best value for your veterinary practice.

Reviewing Contract Terms

Read the contract carefully before you sign anything. Some companies might lock you into a long contract with expensive pricing, strict cancellation policies, auto-renewal and early termination fees. Look for a flexible provider that allows you to change things if needed. A provider that offers month-to-month processing terms earns your business daily.

Evaluating Customer Support

High-quality customer support ensures things run smoothly at your practice. Problems with payment processing can impact cash flow and the customer experience. Make sure your chosen company has a personable and knowledgeable customer service team to help you resolve issues quickly.

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Checking Compatibility and Integration

You want a seamless workflow between your payment, practice management systems (PMS), and operational processes. Ensure your provider can integrate payments with your PMS so payments are processed quickly and accurately without hiccups. A unified platform allows payment information to pass directly between your PMS, website, or back-office software while streamlining end-of-day processes and reporting.

Keeping Data Secure and Compliant

Security is crucial when it comes to handling payments. You must ensure your veterinary merchant service provider complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to protect sensitive card details and help prevent fraud. Look for a processing partner that runs a Level 1 data center and supports tokenization to maximize security.

Exploring Advanced Features

Some payment providers offer enhanced features to help boost staff productivity and free staff to focus more time with patients. Contactless payments, card-on-file, online payments, digital invoicing, recurring payments and detailed reports are efficient, speed up cash flow and provide valuable insights into customers’ payment histories.

Getting Feedback and Reviews

Before you make your final decision, ask other veterinary practitioners for honest feedback about their experiences with different merchant service providers. Search online for reviews and recommendations, reach out to your professional network on LinkedIn and speak with colleagues at industry events.

Going for a Test Drive

Before you commit, run your existing and new providers’ solutions concurrently for about a month. Providers that offer month-to-month contracts and no early termination penalties will be happy to oblige. It may add complexity in the short term, but a trial period lets you get familiar with the solutions, prove the pricing is fair, and ensure you’re getting the service you deserve.

Making a Decision

What did you learn? Compile feedback from your team and decide whether switching to the new provider delivers value for your clinic. Consider transaction costs, solution features, and timely access to help. The right payment provider can make a big difference in your clinic's efficiency and financial success.

How PayJunction Can Help

Your practice does all it can to offer the best patient experience, so why not do the same for your staff and pet owners who foot the bill? You need an innovative, reliable veterinary merchant service provider that delivers a better customer experience, improves operations and scales to meet your needs. Talk to PayJunction. We promise to get tails wagging at your practice.

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