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PayJunction Reviews Highlight Exceptional Customer Service

PayJunction Reviews Highlight Exceptional Customer Service
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At PayJunction we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. Last year, we received 160+ positive reviews, both internally and externally. In early 2023, we managed to increase our average Trustpilot rating from 4.8 to 4.9, and have continued to collect a number of “love letters” from our valued customers.

We value long-term relationships over short-term profit and we appreciate these customers for letting us know how we’re doing. PayJunction offers month-to-month terms of service, meaning we earn our customers’ business each and every month. Our Trustpilot and Google “love letters” are great examples of the praise that we receive from our customers. 

PayJunction Reviews Focus on Customer Care

Our support team helps customers install and troubleshoot their Smart Terminals, create new accounts, integrate through PayJunction’s API and get onboarded. On a daily basis, this means management of all incoming and outgoing calls, tickets and emails with customers, and monitoring of any alerts and errors in the system.

In 2022, our award-winning customer support team received a 96.7% customer satisfaction rating on ZenDesk, and we kept phone support wait times down to 23 seconds on average. We can assure you this isn’t the case with other Merchant Service Providers and Payment Gateways.


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Happy PayJunction customers submitted hundreds of notes to share their appreciation for our dedicated support team. Here is just a small sample:

I am the controller for 8 different car dealerships and 2 body shops.  Anytime I have had to call Pay Junction for assistance getting something fixed, switching accounts,  limit bump, or just trying to navigate the website...I have always received friendly help that answers my questions and assistance with correcting any issues/concerns.  I have reached out to them by email and phone and have always received the same quality of help.  It is nice to do business with a company that you don't dread calling
I always talk to the same people when I call, which is really nice! They always help me right away and very easily. Very happy with their service.
Top tier customer service all around. Nick was very friendly, helpful and informative. He answered all of my questions and helped get us setup with our new PayJunction account. Our experience so far with PayJunction has been incredible.
Mike was super helpful! And holy cow, super FAST too! :).
Was outstanding! Answered all my questions and then some. Gustavo was incredibly helpful and patient.
Our PayJunction reps are always so nice, personable and helpful. Thank you!
Nick is amazing! So Helpful! I'm grateful to be able to call and he can answer my questions and give me guidance.
 Everyone at PayJunction is so helpful, friendly and super knowledgeable about their product and service. Nick was especially helpful!! Not only did he stay with me during a pretty frenetic day, but walked me through everything and no matter what I asked, he knew instantly how to answer and exactly where I could find the answer myself (love that he showed me how to do things on my own!). Nick was the total icing on the cake and really made all of us feel super happy about our decision to go with PayJunction!!

Interested in joining the ranks of PayJunction’s happy merchant credit card processing customers? We’re ready to support your business.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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