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PayJunction Reviews Highlight Exceptional Customer Service

PayJunction Reviews Highlight Exceptional Customer Service
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At PayJunction, we believe a healthy business cannot exist without happy customers. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we’ve compiled a number of customer support “love letters” earned in 2018.

We appreciate these customers for letting us know how we’re doing. PayJunction offers month-to-month terms of service, meaning we earn our customers’ business each and every month. It’s a core tenet we believe in, one of mutual respect and partnership.

This Valentine's Day, we're grateful for our current customer base and new businesses that partner with us to achieve better service and more transparency in the payments industry.

PayJunction Reviews Focus on Customer Care

Our support team helps customers install and troubleshoot their Smart Terminals, create new accounts, integrate through PayJunction’s API and get onboarded. On a daily basis, this means management of all incoming and outgoing calls, tickets and emails with merchants, and monitoring of any alerts and errors in the system.

In 2018, our support team received a 98.18 percent satisfaction rating on ZenDesk, and we kept phone support wait times down to one minute on average. We can assure you this isn’t the case with other Merchant Service Providers and Payment Gateways.

Happy PayJunction customers submitted hundreds of notes to share their appreciation for our dedicated support team. Here is just a small sample:

Friendly and knowledgeable people. A++++
Courteous and provided all the information I needed on the first contact.
The support was awesome! Friendly, quick and extremely knowledgeable.
Martin not only called me back within minutes of my original call but had everything he needed ready to answer any questions I had. There was zero waiting or being out on hold while he figured it out. Absolutely unheard of these days. I later emailed him with a separate question and once again he was Johnny on the spot with an answer. It was an absolute joy working with him.
Was outstanding! Answered all my questions and then some. Gustavo was incredibly helpful and patient.
Our PayJunction reps are always so nice, personable and helpful. Thank you!
Nick is amazing! So Helpful! I'm grateful to be able to call and he can answer my questions and give me guidance.
The customer service and technical support I received was outstanding, also appreciated the kindness!

Interested in joining the ranks of PayJunction’s happy merchant credit card processing customers? We’re always excited to partner with businesses in any industry.

Get a tour of our technology.


How are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Share the good vibes in the comments section below and we hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

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