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How to Search for a Transaction in the Virtual Terminal

How to Search for a Transaction in the Virtual Terminal
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Welcome to PJ University, where we teach you how to use PayJunction like a pro. Today’s lesson is how to search transactions.


If you’ve used a traditional credit card terminal, you already know how time consuming it is to manually search through receipts in a filing cabinet to find a specific transaction. Fortunately with PayJunction, we’ve made searching as simple and effective as possible. Since our receipts are stored digitally, they can be recalled to print or email whenever you want. So, you don’t need a filing cabinet for receipts at all!

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To start, click “Search” from the menu on the left. This will load a page with a variety of ways to find a transaction or customer. You can enter as little or as much information as you want to narrow down your results.

The date range filter will narrow your search by days, weeks, months, quarters, years, or even a custom date range. You can also filter by the amount charged, the customer’s name or various transaction details.

Once you have entered in your filters, click “Search” to see your results. This will display all the customers and transactions that match your criteria.

When you’ve located the transaction you are looking for, click the eye icon to see transaction details. If you captured an electronic signature, it will appear here as well. To print a receipt for this transaction, just click “Print Receipt” at the top of the page. To email it, click “Email Receipt.” When the modal pops up, enter an email address in the “To” field and click “Send Receipt.”

The Environmental Benefits of Digital Receipts

As we have discussed, going paperless offers your business numerous benefits. Your staff saves time filing and managing paper receipt copies, which are often subject to damage and fading. Additionally, you save money on storage facilities. The average business holds onto paper receipts for three to seven years! That’s a lot of time spent managing and transporting receipts and a lot of money spent paying for storage space over time. And, in the event of a chargeback, it’s all too daunting to face a wall of boxes and hope the receipt in question reveals itself.

On a more macro level, however, going paperless is good for the environment. A billion gallons of water, millions of trees and oil are needed to produce a single year’s worth of receipts in the U.S. alone. By going digital, you make finding the transaction you need easy while saving a tree … or 10 million. Thermal receipts aren’t biodegradable, so by doing your part to reduce your use, you help alleviate a planetary burden for years to come.

Now that you know how to search with PayJunction, you may want to pick up a new hobby to fill the time that used to be spent searching for receipts in the filing cabinet. How about yoga? After all, you’ll have some extra space in the office, since the filing cabinet will no longer be needed.

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