How Auto Dealership Rogers & Rogers Benefits From PayJunction Payment Processing

How Auto Dealership Rogers & Rogers Benefits From PayJunction Payment Processing
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Rogers & Rogers is your typical multi-location auto dealership. Sherice Gonzales, the dealership’s customer relationships manager, interacts daily with numerous customers. For her and other staff members, each day is busy as Rogers & Rogers features various brands at multiple locations.

Rogers & Rogers previously used old, analog terminals that printed paper receipts, which had to be compiled each day at a central location. With so much to manage and constant foot traffic, Rogers & Rogers turned to a new Merchant Service Provider to streamline and move its payment processing to the cloud.


Accomplishing More, Remotely, With PayJunction

Rogers & Rogers decided to partner with PayJunction, which allowed the dealership to go from compiling receipts at one centralized location to having multiple checkout stations with PayJunction's Smart Terminal throughout its service, parts and finance departments. Because PayJunction stores all receipts and transaction records in the cloud, this move provided greater flexibility for the multi-location operation.

Having pay stations for each department made it simple for customers to pay and pick up their cars and parts. Although it can be difficult to embrace change, the dealership’s staff was able to adopt PayJunction with ease.

In dealerships ... change can be a little bit difficult. PayJunction will walk you right through the set up; all of our employees were able to just jump right in and start using the system. It was very simple.
Drew Moore IT Manager at Rogers & Rogers

In addition to convenience for both staff and customers, the Smart Terminal sped up payments, including EMV.

The Smart Terminal is the fastest machine ever.
Sherice Gonzales Customer Relations Manager at Rogers & Rogers

To process a payment, the cashiers simply enters the amount and the customers dip their chips or swipe their cards. A digital or print receipt is available upon customer request. The batches automatically clear each night at 7 p.m. — as set by the dealership — and everything is stored in the cloud, including historical batches. All receipts, signatures and records are then accessible via one login for all locations.

If customers don’t have — or can’t find — their cards, they can be found in the system. PayJunction securely stores customer cards via tokenization. This safe method of data storage replaces sensitive data with a string of randomly generated characters that have no value if breached. The “token,” as it’s referred to, can only be decrypted at the final step of the transaction process when it reaches the Payment Processor.

With cards on file, it’s easy for the team at Rogers & Rogers to edit or void a transaction when mistakes occur. The dealership can do so directly in the system without inconveniencing customers with a return trip.

PayJunction makes it easy and efficient to service customers at a busy dealership. After all, providing a positive customer experience is what makes a dealership stand out.

Having multiple sites, having PayJunction and the cloud service has really simplified the process. We’d recommend it to anybody looking for a payment service.
Drew Moore Rogers & Rogers

Curious how PayJunction could benefit your dealership?

So easy to use! Love the security and features like easy address search, re-charge, customer name search, and reports! Great format and design and so easy to navigate!
Aayer May 1, 2018
PayJunction has made our credit card processing and deposits easier than ever!
Cyndi L. January 17, 2018
PayJunction is a great asset to our office! Easy to use and amazing customer service! We have not been disappointed!
Mrs. Office Mgr May 2, 2018
A hidden gem! PayJunction may not be the biggest payment processor, but they have some amazing features and an excellent support team.
Jason H. July 19, 2018
I love, love, love using PayJunction they truly are 5 star across the board.
Anna H. February 26, 2018
I have used your services since your company just started and I am happy with everything. Thank you for making my job easy. Your technical department is always available to assist, if ever needed.
Faith May 1, 2018

What issues are you dealing with at your business or dealership? What aspects of your daily payment-related tasks could be improved? We’d love to hear from you!

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