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Meet the Smart Terminal by PayJunction

Meet the Smart Terminal by PayJunction
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Editor's Note: We've added a new device to our Smart Terminal family: the ZeroTouch Terminal. For information about this new product, click here.

This is the Smart Terminal by PayJunction. It makes payment processing simpler and more secure than with a traditional credit card terminal — and it’s better for the environment too. Let’s take a look at how it works.


As an example, Victoria is the office manager at Dr. Smith Dermatology. One of her favorite patients, Oliver, has stopped in to pick up some sunblock and is ready to pay. Victoria enters the amount into her computer and requests payment from Oliver. It shows up on the Smart Terminal, and Oliver is presented with a variety of payment options: a classic credit card, a card with an EMV chip, a smartphone or an Apple Watch.

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Victoria knows whatever the option Oliver chooses, the transaction will be processed in a way that’s both secure and up to date with the latest standards. She doesn’t have to worry about the business being liable in case a transaction is fraudulent. And even though she knows Oliver is a trustworthy guy, she also knows that one can never be too careful when it comes to financial security.

Oliver waves his phone over the Smart Terminal and his payment is accepted. He signs the transaction right on the Smart Terminal screen, opts for an emailed receipt and smiles knowing that skipping a paper receipt just helped the environment in a small but meaningful way. Victoria also has a copy of the transaction, and a signed receipt stored securely in the cloud, which saves space in a filing cabinet and makes looking up previous transactions a breeze and protects the business from chargebacks.

Once the transaction has been completed, Oliver heads off with his new sunblock for a day at the beach with the family. Meanwhile, Victoria can focus on her next customer, knowing that the last transaction she processed was fast and secure. Furthermore, Dr. Smith is happy to know the funds will be transferred at the end of the day to his business’s bank account.

Meanwhile, PayJunction’s Virtual Terminal (which is connected to the Smart Terminal) keeps a record of every transaction. The system takes this information and uses it to generate helpful reports that keep Dr. Smith current on sales totals on a given day, month or over a specified time period. Dr. Smith can use this information to make more informed business decisions while saving the precious time it used to take to store manual records of this information in Excel.

Reconciling the business’s bank account is easier for Victoria, too, because PayJunction itemizes all fees and any chargebacks that could cause a deposit to not line up with the associated batch. This saves her from all guesswork and helps the practice run more efficiently.

That’s it. Simple right? Accept everything with PayJunction’s Smart Terminal, and you’ll be on your way to easier, more secure payment processing, while helping out the environment too.

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