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Increase Your Oversight With User Access Controls

Increase Your Oversight With User Access Controls
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We all know the trope “with great power comes great responsibility.”

With old-school terminals, limiting access or tracking staff payment activity isn’t possible. So in the case of a questionable refund or charge, no individual staff member can be held accountable. With Virtual Terminals like ours, user activity is logged so the user who runs, edits or refunds a transaction is associated with the activity.

An administrator is required to add new users and customize access. From the main page click “More” and then “Users” under the settings section. Click “New User” in the top right, from here specify the user type. Admins are granted full access, whereas users can be restricted from issuing refunds, manually settling batches, processing recurring transactions and viewing transactions and reports.

Users can also be restricted to specific accounts to ensure transactions for different departments or locations are kept separate. All user activity is logged, so transactions can be searched by user. Users can also add notes to transactions if needed.

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Select Which Employees Can Process Refunds and Recurring Transactions

As a business owner, you might have stipulations in your return policy or recurring billing setup. If that’s the case, you might want to authorize these transactions yourself or limit who can.

With PayJunction’s Virtual Terminal, you can protect your business from employee refund fraud and ensure that your employees follow your preferred protocols. Supervisors, office managers and anyone else you’d like to run these transaction types can do so with a few quick clicks; others can be restricted.

Restrict Access to Reports and Transaction Histories

The Virtual Terminal equips business owners with powerful insights automatically, without the use of Excel or manual tallying of sales totals. These reports shed light on department, location or total sales over time and year over year. It’s sensitive information that many owners might not want their employees to have access to.

With a simple user edit, you can restrict access to these business insights and keep sensitive information on a need-to-know basis. You can restrict users from seeing others’ transactions as well.

Limit Which Users Can Manually Settle Batches

Similarly, you might want someone who’s trained in the financial tasks of your merchant credit card processing to settle batches. To keep your reporting accurate and error-free, you can simply grant this permission to the employees of your choosing and set restrictions for employees who aren’t approved for this task to avoid errors.

Grant Access to Employees by Location and Department

Employees who have access to information they don’t need can become confused and overwhelmed. If your business has multiple locations or departments, you can restrict employees to transaction records relevant to their department or location. If some employees work at multiple locations, you can give them permission to access account information for all applicable stores or departments.

This keeps accountability easy to maintain across your business’s operations. Because your users have their own accounts in the Virtual Terminal, you can gain transparency and peace of mind by monitoring every action taken by each employee.

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Do you currently struggle with accountability and staff management using your current payment processing software? Let us know how this feature would benefit your business in the comments section below.

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