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PayJunction's Journey to Launching a New Website

PayJunction's Journey to Launching a New Website
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Every business needs to have a dynamic, rich website. Every business in tech needs to exceed that expectation. We have long known that we needed an updated website to reflect both our brand and our pixel-perfect engineering ethos.

Although PayJunction is a credit card processing company, we deliver our services in an elegant, simple and helpful way. We want our website to showcase this from the moment a visitor first looks us up.

You may find yourself in a similar boat. Your business may be floating on a basic HTML site that meets the bare minimum of a web visitor’s expectations. We invested several months to expand our site from the bare basics to brilliance. We owned the entire process from wireframe to code deploy and learned a lot along the way.


Boiling down your business’s product and key differentiating factor into words can be challenging. Add in a website format, and you have to ensure that every character drives value. When communicating with our web visitors, we decided to maintain one story style for every page.

Your current problem and how we can help.

It was important to stick to the talking points that matter, not from a quota or sales perspective, but from a customer perspective. What tangible benefits do our customers often tout about our software? How do we truly help them day to day?

We wanted to relate to our website visitors by starting with where they are now. In our industry, this means they likely use inefficient and outdated software and they may suffer from poor customer service and unethical billing with their current provider. Knowing this, we put ourselves in their shoes before unveiling a better way forward with our technology.

Unlike a blog or white paper in which the reader expects to spend time reading, we had to be incredibly straightforward with our writing. We limited character counts to between 20 and 180, depending on the section of the layout, to put our customers first by conveying our message in few words.

Payment Processing Demo

Schedule 15 minutes with a payments expert

Get a customized PayJunction product walk-through

Understand requirements and pricing

Determine your SAVINGS!


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving discipline. In short, it’s the process of applying current best practices to a website in order to rank higher in search engines. This entails playing by the search engines’ rules, which often change in order to maintain a fair playing field that rewards good content that is helpful to users.

The more web pages, the better chance you have of appearing when a prospective customer searches for your solutions. With this in mind, we took our one-page site (not including our about and pricing pages) and developed 12 feature-focused pages covering single topics like sales reports, e-commerce and customization. This increased both our web presence and the available content for each feature. Instead of a section of text, visitors can read an entire page of details, which is a much better reference point.

Lastly, we added calls to action (CTAs) on each page. We made it easy for visitors to connect with us and for us to see which features resonate most with our prospects.


We had a specific vision for our new site that required a modern approach to collaboration: morning Skype calls.

With two designers in Florida, a web developer in Romania and a marketing team in California, these calls (and their consistency) were vital to maintaining communication, discussing paths forward and sharing the process. These calls didn’t happen on a need-to-have basis. They happened bright-and-early every day.

The marketing team became well-versed in Balsamiq wireframing tools, GitHub for ticket management and Invision for user testing, among other tools. We went back and forth on concepts, pages and headers to ensure we got everything right.

Technical Execution

A few months passed between final coding and engineering team review. By then, we’d become a bit less familiar with each page and were able to spot bugs, typos and missed steps with fresh eyes. Our design team had to redo some images, ensure our site speed and accessibility were acceptable and perform several re-optimizations.

The day we got the site live, we received our first new lead within minutes. This is the nature of a project like this. If you’re going to invest in a digital strategy for your business, the quality of your efforts will be rewarded. We took the time to do it right and do it authentically. We’re eager to learn more about our prospects based on their site behavior, drive traffic to these pages with paid search and continually improve our site’s rank with high-quality content and intuitive design.

Getting here took over a dozen active participants, months of collaboration and a lot of fine tuning, but as a tech company, we believe an updated site to be imperative for both selling our product and selling ourselves as a cutting-edge alternative to traditional payment providers.

Want to grow your business?


Is your business currently tackling a new website overhaul? How’s it going? What are your goals? We’d love to hear from you!

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